Parting Lines: ‘See You On The Other Side’ a rock-solid debut

Parting Lines

There’s a lot to like about the new album by Parting Lines, Trevor Beld Jimenez and Tim Ramsey.

Trevor Beld Jimenez and Tim Ramsey have once again teamed up with a new project, Parting Lines, to release “See You On The Other Side,” their debut album available on You Are The Cosmos Records. Jimenez and Ramsey were in another band, Tall Tales And The Silver Lining, which was a fixture in the SoCal (and California) music scene for several years. Jimenez also is a co-writer in GospelbeacH. I’ve had the good fortune of seeing these guys play a few shows in L.A. over the past year or so. I dig ‘em every time. Good songs, definitely in the folk/singer songwriter/cosmic country realm.

“Promises” starts things off well with a catchy chorus and tremendously executed harmonies. Next, we have a song that I think could really do something for them, “Caught On The Outside.” It’s up tempo, and has a storyline that many can relate to, with a chorus that’s hooky. Those are lot of the mysto ingredients you need to get a song with legs that people really grab onto. Jimenez can write a song.

“Climb” is another strong one — lots of finesse, killer harmonies, they pick it up with the drums coming in after the first chorus — a well built song. These fellas have tunes you can sing along to. “No Looking Back” keeps the energy up. Ramsey plays a lot of tasty guitar parts on this album. Sub hooks, good tone, methodical and melodic.

The title track “See You On The Other Side” is somewhat of a power ballad, and delivers in that capacity. “Black Tint Sunset” is a song that the band often (at least when I’ve seen them) leads off their live shows. Super melodic, right off the bat. You’ve bought in on the song in 10 seconds. Big chorus. This might be my favorite of theirs. “So Badly” has another monstrously catchy chorus.

I suspect Tom Petty would’ve appreciated Parting Lines, and the care taken into the writing and building of its songs. There’s a lot to like. Very good singing, harmonies, stacked, subtle parts throughout the recordings, and everything being centered around melodies.

I give this album 4.5 out of 5 whiskey shots, or, since we are taking Los Angeles, 4.5 out of 5 pints of Golden Road Hazy L.A. IPAs. I look forward to the next show and picking up the vinyl.

— Jon Siembieda

  • Parting Lines
    ‘See You On The Other Side’
    Released: May 10, 2019
    Label: You Are The Cosmos Records

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