Album review: Tennessee Kamanski makes pop fun again

Tennessee Kamanski

Tennessee Kamanski’s “Cool As The Will” was released on June 7.

Tennessee Kamanski writes happy music.

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has a new EP available,  “Cool Is The Will,” an indie release. The EP was produced by Aaron Dennis and recorded at Signature Sound Studios. Kamanski has been touring up and down the West Coast, bringing her sunshine-tinged vocals and plucky guitar playing to clubs, coffee houses, and breweries.

The EP kicks off with title track “Cool Is The Will” and immediately gives me some of the same vibes as Parting Lines, a band that I reviewed recently. Floaty, melodic vocals, bouncy grooves and ringing guitars. Nice start.

“Great American Novel” has more of a Mazzy Star/Hope Sandoval feel… well-executed harmonies, very mellow, almost sub-psychedelic — like sitting in a meadow on a sunny spring day. “Deep Pockets” is fun, with some creative musical movements. The songs are not over-produced, especially for pop, but there are some good choices made. I dig the restraint. Too slick is too much syrup on pancakes IMO, and this music doesn’t have that.

Being in a touring band myself that survives almost single-handedly on the stuff, I can get on board with a song simply titled “Coffee.” Of course, the song is not really about coffee, though, is it? There’s a dreamy soundscape underscoring a melancholic feel. The Cass McCombs and Joni Mitchell influences are coming out.

The EP closes out with the tasty arpeggio-led “Heavy Little.” This collection ends on a bright, upbeat note. Kamanski has done a nice job. If you are looking for some sparkly music for your morning to kick things up a little while the fog burns off, check out “Cool Is The Will.”

 — Jon Siembieda

  • Tennessee Kamanski
    ‘Cool Is The Will’
    Release: June 7, 2019


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