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Never mind the smoke, see and hear Afroman

Because He Got High

One big hit was all Joseph Foreman needed. The artist known as Afroman in 2000 made a record, “Because I got High,” which through the Napster music-swapping service went viral. Afroman became one of the first artists to gain national notoriety because of the Internet. The song “Because I Got High” resonated because of its humor. The refrain was the ...

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Led Zepagain’s house of the holy is CBC

Led Zepagain

Here is a different kind of Swan song. Swan Montgomery pays homage to Robert Plant in the tribute band Led Zepagain. While the lead singer of Led Zeppelin is from Britain, Montgomery is from Ireland. Montgomery has performed onstage with the Who’s Roger Daltry and his tribute band has been endorsed by Jimmy Page. That certainly should be enough to ...

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Sammy Hagar refuses to leave Rival Sons orphans

The hard rock band Rival Sons will perform in Tahoe Friday, Sept. 6 in a unusual show in Harrah’s Lake Tahoe’s South Shore Room. The three-piece band is on Sammy Hagar’s Four Decades of Rock tour, which includes a show at nearby Thunder Valley Casino. Rival Sons are not on the bill for Thunder Valley, so the Red Rocker reached ...

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