What if mentally disturbed people charged in with guitars?

Guitar Army

Brad Allen, Joe Robinson, Lee Roy Parnell and Robben Ford lead Guitar Army at a 2016 show at Crystal Bay Casino.

I keep thinking about how the electric guitar is the opposite of an AR 15.

About 13 million guns are sold each year in the US. We buy about 2.5 million guitars.

If we have saturated the market with guitars, we’ve definitely done so with guns. And the results are pouring in. I’m not against gun ownership. I just think guitars are way better. In Kingston, they offered far more protection.

Anybody can shoot a gun. These killers aren’t talented. They are just using the assault weapons for what assault weapons were designed to do.

Learning a basic power chord takes way more more work than learning to how to use a semi-automatic rifle (those are literally designed for morons). Like the crossbow that made archers obsolete and shooting people in the back a breeze, guns are the tools of cowards as much as so called heroes.

Oh, it’s hard to use assault rifles? Hundreds of thousands of child soldiers would disagree.

Imagine if countries in the Caribbean up to their necks in firearms that are coming in but not going out could trade in guns for instruments. Oh, there aren’t enough guitars or guitar players in Jamaica?


Well … it’s a shame state side that America is becoming more synonymous with AR 15s than we are electric guitars.

I wish there were stories of mentally disturbed people charging into classrooms with guitars.

Hell, I wish Nazis played guitars because they couldn’t play a good damn thing with one of them without celebrating the contributions of people of color.

I would love to see a guitar battle between a Nazi and a member of Antifa.

“Bro, you shredded the hell out of that Antifa dude, but you played 47 blues notes and quoted both Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix. You are disqualified.”

I’ll be spending 1,000 hours with this weapon of self-realization this year. Guns and guitars both makes you deaf.

But a guitar is much better at saving lives. Guns are a zero sum game.

Pack one if you gotta, but my concealed weapon is a harmonica and I’ll still cut you.

Be safe out there.

And remember, don’t shoot a gun backwards and upside down. But with a guitar, you’re just fine. …oh, and if you’re dealing with mental illness, grab a guitar. Only one of them has a chance to really save you.

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Davin Michael Stedman is a songwriter, author and part time TV host from Seattle. He is best known for his work fronting The Staxx Brothers and for his incredible un-choreographed dance moves. He currently is traveling between New Orleans and Kingston, Jamaica, recording his first solo album, "Creoles," with artists and producers including Sly & Robbie and Anthony Redrose.

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