Aces’ iconic voice Ryan Radtke steps down after 14 seasons

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Ryan Radtke will no longer be the voice of the Reno Aces he announced on Tuesday.
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After 14 combined seasons as the voice of the Tucson Sidewinders and Reno Aces, Ryan Radtke announced that he will not be returning to the booth at Greater Nevada Field.

Radtke has been calling games for the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Triple-A affiliate since 2006 with the Tucson Sidewinders. He moved with the club to downtown Reno in 2009 for the Aces’ inaugural season and been calling games for the Biggest Little City since.

He will continue his work with Westwood One calling college football and basketball and NFL games throughout the year. Radtke’s iconic voice has been apart of countless games, franchise records, four playoffs appearances and a Triple-A championship.

“I learned a lot; I definitely grew as a broadcaster and as a person,” Radtke said in a press release. “I think at the end of the day, I can say I’m a better person for all I experienced in my time with the Aces.”

Reno Aces’ president Eric Edelstein had kind parting words for Radtke.

“Holding the longest tenure in the history of the Triple-A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Ryan Radtke is part of the fabric of this club,” Edelstein said. “Like a player who is clearly ready for the big leagues, I have felt this day could come any day during my fortunate time in Reno. I’m so incredibly happy for him to chase his dreams and know that he gets to share his gift with audiences across the country full time now.”

The downtime within the Aces’ season gives Radtke a well-deserved break or two.

“I’m going to take some downtime and enjoy some time at home. I have an amazing and understanding wife, Adrienne, who has allowed me to be on the road pretty much 12 months a year for the past 11 years,” Radtke said. “I’m looking forward to spending more time with her and hopefully being able to take a summer vacation or two.”

Growing up in the Bay Area, Radtke was a natural in the booth as soon as he picked up a makeshift microphone.

“My mom likes to tell people that when I was a little kid I would mimic the sports broadcasters when we watched the game,” Radtke told Tahoe Onstage last season. “I would grab a bottle, cup or something and just copy what they were saying. She loves to brag about that. So I guess it just stuck with me.”

Since he became the lead voice in the booth with the Aces, Radtke has connected with players and coaches throughout the organization. His insight of the game, active presence in the booth and friendly personality has kept fans from all over the globe entertained. The hours of work he dedicated toward his craft is evident in every single broadcast, there’s always something new to marvel at.

But even with his years of experience, Radtke will continue to work on his game.

“I think you work toward getting better in anything you do,” he said last season. “Even a player that has great success will improve on their weaknesses and I think it’s the same for me. I’m always trying to get better and every year offers new challenges.”

No announcement has been made on possible replacements for the Aces’ upcoming 2020 season.

— Isaiah Burrows

A message from the entire organization:

“The Reno Aces have seen countless players, coaches, team personnel, front office staff, and employees come and go since the team’s inception in 2009. One constant the organization has had – its voice. And for that…the entire organization thanks you Ryan Radtke for your professionalism, work ethic, commitment to excellence, and passion calling Aces games for the past 11 seasons.

We are incredibly grateful to have you in the booth at Greater Nevada Field for this long and you have certainly become a staple over the airwaves across the Northern Nevada community. We offer nothing but support from the Reno Aces and wish the best for whatever the future holds. You and your family are always welcome at the ballpark and will surely be missed! Good luck, Rads!”

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