New South Shore venue opens: The Loft Magic Show and Lounge above Heavenly Village Cinemas

The Loft Magic Show and Lounge in Heavenly Village opened Dec. 16.

The Loft Magic Show and Lounge in Heavenly Village opened Dec. 16.

There’s a new entertainment at South Shore’s Heavenly Village, adding yet another dimension to an area already packed with things to do and see.

Village landlord Gary Casteel has partnered with promoter Paul Reder to open The Loft Magic Show and Lounge, which opened Dec. 16. The establishment is located on the second floor of the resort area, directly above the Heavenly Village Cinemas.

“It’s a 5,200 foot space, it’s going to be absolutely fabulous,” Casteel said. “We’ve got a 108 stadium seat dome in the cinema building, and then we’re going to have 100 seats within a lounge, it’s going to be an ultra lounge, the rest of it.”

The lounge will feature a variety of entertainment, including live music, comedy and magic shows, along with a full kitchen.

“We’ll be serving Italian food in there,” Casteel said. “We’re going to have an outdoor patio, probably outdoor music as well.”

Casteel has made promoting an atmosphere of live music and entertainment a determined goal since opening the Heavenly Village in 2002. For him, this component is a key part of a resort environment.

“It’s like going to Hawaii,” Casteel said. “When I go to Hawaii or something I want that; I want the music, I want the outdoor environment, enjoying the outdoors and having the entertainment and the music and the food.”

Casteel has worked with the owners of numerous restaurants in the village to allow regular live music, and has worked the last three years to hold a concert series at the Heavenly Village, setting up a full stage at various locations around the property for weekend shows. All told, the resort area hosts between 20 and 30 free performances a week, at up to six different venues year round.

“We’re going to continue to grow what we’re doing. I’m pumped about it,” Casteel said. “We provide all our concert series for free. I’m looking at bigger names, bigger venues to put in different areas of the project, maybe some national type names.”

With the wide variety of entertainment at this ever-growing recreational hub, Casteel can predict exactly what future guests are in for.

“They’re going to have a great time,” he said.


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