Review: Adam Holt has licks for miles with ‘Kind of Blues’

Adam Holt

Adam Holt delivers jolts of Southern rock on “Kind of Blues.”

Alabama-based roots singer/guitarist Adam Holt returns with “Kind of Blues” on Zenith Records. The 10-song album is available as of May 24.

Holt self-produced “Kind of Blues” and plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano and organ, in addition to vocals. The band is rounded out by Owen Finley on bass, Greg Deluca on drums, Donnie Sundal on organ and piano, Lee Yankie on slide guitar, Mark Welborn on pedal steel and Pierre Robinson on bass. The album was recorded at Studio ’78, owned by Holt in Alabama, on 2-inch tape.

“Kind of Blues” blends a few different styles, namely blues, country, Americana and rock and roll. It should not be lost that Holt is tipping the hat to Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” all at the same time.

“My Morning Drive” kicks things off – a tribute to Holt’s wife’s grandfather, a radio DJ for 50+ years, who retired at the age of 90. “Don’t Give Up On Me Baby” has a modern country flair, “Bobby” has a real nice guitar solo by Holt as the song builds in the middle, and “I’m Still Holding On” elicits a honky-tonk “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” feel with its intro, and takes off from there. The record concludes with a tasteful rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Lay Lady Lay.”

If you’re into Southern-style country rock with some strong blues licks thrown in, the self-produced “Kind of Blues” is well-executed by Adam Holt.

— Jon Siembieda

  • Adam Holt
    ‘Kind of Blues’
    Label: Zenith Records
    Released: May 31, 2019

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