Album Review: Billy Price snaps back with ‘Dog Eat Dog’

Billy Price

A reason to smile for fans of blues, soul and funk: Billy Price’s “Dog Eat Dog.”

Gulf Coast Records recording artist Billy Price has a new album released this month, “Dog Eat Dog.” Fans of blues, soul and funk will undoubtedly be pleased with this latest effort.

Price, who received a Blues Music Award nomination for his last album, “Reckoning,” also recorded this new album at Greaseland Studio in San Jose, California. The producer Kid Andersen, who I’m a big fan of for both his production style and guitar playing.

David Aschkenas photo

David Aschkenas photo

The album features Price on vocals, with Andersen on guitar, Alex Patterson on drums, Jerry Jammott on bass, Jim Pugh on keys, Eric Spaulding and Jack Sanford on sax, John Halblieb on trumpet, with background vocals by Vicki Randle, Lisa Leuschner Andersen, Charlie Owen and the Songs of the Soul Revivers gospel group. That’s not all. There are guest appearances by Rick Estrin, Alabama Mike, and Mike Zito. Pretty stacked personnel group.

“Working On Your Chain Gang” opens things up with a good rhythm. The production style (which is a factor that attracts me to a lot of these album reviews) is again polished but not overdone whatsoever. Tastefully modern, with a throwback vibe. “All Night Long Café” is a very catchy, funky, New Orleans-feeling funky tune. Guest Mike Zito tears it up on guitar. That one will be a good one for the dance floor. Title track “Dog Eat Dog” is another top shelf track with Rick Estrin, Alabama Mike and Mike Zito lending their prolific prowess.

It’s evident there was a lot of care taken with the composition of this album, and that Price is open to collaborations. There are a lot of co-writes with different musicians that Andersen had input with, including the Otis Rush classic “My Love Will Never Die.” I like that. Pricce is not trying to do it all himself, he surrounds himself with other like-minded musicians and writers that will put the best album forward possible.

“Dog Eat Dog” is a strong album. It’s clear why Price was sought after by Roy Buchanan. Very impressive release.

— Jon Siembieda

  • Billy Price
    ‘Dog Eat Dog’
    Gulf Coast Records
    Released: Aug. 2, 2019

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