Vacavillain Matty T

Photographer’s notebook: The Buddy Emmer Blues Band on July 21 featured guest artist Matty T Taynton for Harrah’s Monday Night Summer Blues series at Center Stage. Matty T hails from Vacaville. He isn’t your kick-back-and-relax blues artist. He’s more a high-energy, in-your-face musician. To make my point, Matty T climbed off the stage and made his way around the crowd playing to individual people and much to the delight of all. Great show; great energy. Kurt Johnson

About Kurt Johnson

Photographer Kurt E. Johnson has played drums since he was 14. He is in the South Shore blues band Mudd Bonz and the instrumental progressive psychedelic space rock band Aether Haze. He retired after a 31-year career in the Bay Area and has lived at Lake Tahoe for 10 years. His passion is concert photography and playing music. To see more of his photos, visit his website

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