The English Beat marches to The Saint on Aug. 18

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Dave Wakeling has released the first proper English Beat album in 35 years.
Jay Gilbert photograph

In the 1980s, Dave Wakeling fronted a number of different bands with his a unique brand of catchiness and lyricism that playfully captured snapshots of human situations.

The first band was The English Beat, whose songs “I Confess,” “Mirror in the Bathroom” and “Save It For Later” each had a ska flavor to them. Add to the music the pop art retro dancing figures the band used to adorn its records, and a iconic niche was born. Later, with the band General Public, he released the song “Tenderness,” currently known as that song from every great ’80s movie soundtrack ever.

After touring as a combination of these bands, Wakeling keeps it simple these days and fronts a group of new and longtime musicians as The English Beat, but you can definitely expect to hear a package of songs spanning each of his projects.

Refined over the course of a regular schedule of months-long tours, I’ve been lucky enough to catch the group numerous times. Each occasion is exciting, upbeat and more than danceable. The fact that they are playing a more intimate venue such The Saint is definitely an occasion not to be missed.

This one is very likely to sell out so don’t wait on tickets.

— Shaun Astor

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  • The English Beat
    When: 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 18
    Where: The Saint, midtown Reno
    Tickets: $35 at the venue, $40 at Recycled Records (includes $5 service fee), $44.28 at

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