Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe arrives at Crystal Bay

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe includes huge names.

For the new funk and rock album, “Gnomes & Badgers,“ Denson enlisted contributions from Lukas Nelson, Anders Osborne, Chuck Leavell, Ivan Neville and Adrian Quesada. And music fans, especially those at Lake Tahoe, know that KDTU is already a musical giant.

After completing a tour as saxophone player with the Rolling Stones, Denson and his band will return to the Crystal Bay Casino on Saturday, Sept. 14. Tickets are $27 in advance or $30 on the day of the show. Diggin Dirt will play the Red Room after-party.

Tahoe Onstage

Denson also has big goals. He attempts to bridge empathy between the political tribes that split the nation into two intransigent sides.

“As a writer and a human being, I’m affected by what goes on around me,” Denson said in a press statement. “I’ve always been interested in politics, and what I’m seeing now just disturbs me. I saw this idea of “Gnomes & Badgers” —which are the different people in the world, the different parties on the left and the right—as a great way to frame the political debate and the debate about listening to each other. Somebody needs to say something, and hopefully I can say it in a way that will make people reconsider how they think about things.”

That theme of compassionate exchange is showcased especially well on choice cuts like “Time to Pray” and “Change My Way,” the latter co-crafted by Denson and his “writing mentor” Anders Osborne. But through the music’s blues essence, an idea of empathy traverses the album in full. “There’s some heartache in there that is hopefully concealed well enough to make people happy while still feeling it,” Denson explains. “To me this is really a blues record. It’s a blues about love; it’s a blues about life. It’s about people’s relationships.”

To aid him in his mission, Denson tapped some of his legendary friends, including The Rolling Stones’ keyboardist and Allman Brothers Band alum Chuck Leavell, guitar-slinging singer-songwriter Lukas Nelson, New Orleans guitar hero Anders Osborne, Austin producer and guitarist Adrian Quesada and NOLA R&B royal Ivan Neville. There’s no doubt Denson is also drawing influence and inspiration from his other main gigs, as a touring member of The Rolling Stones and the linchpin of the beloved jazz-funk unit the Greyboy Allstars.

Collectively the process of creating “Gnomes & Badgers” led to the current itineration of the Tiny Universe. After recording in various studios over a two-year period, Denson couldn’t find the cohesion he was after and ending up scrapping his work, save for three tracks. “So we went back to the drawing board,” he says, “and in the process I kind of dialed my band in.”

The resulting lineup is nothing less than a juggernaut. In the rhythm section, the Tiny Universe features Greyboy bassist Chris Stillwell and former Greyboy drummer Zak Najor, as well as keyboardists David Veith and Kenneth Crouch, Denson’s pal from his years in Lenny Kravitz’s band. Alongside Denson on the frontline is trumpeter Chris Littlefield, and providing the lineup’s secret weapon of sorts is the twin-guitar attack of D.J. Williams, a tremendous funk player in both tone and technique, and the Arkansas-born slide and lap-steel virtuoso Seth Freeman. With those two contrasting yet brilliantly complementary pickers in tow, Denson feels like he’s cracked the Tiny Universe’s code. “Now I can write funk and have a rock-n-roll edge,” he says. “It’s the perfect blend of elements.”

Tahoe Onstage

In 2017, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe plays at a sold-out Crystal Bay Casino.

Larry Sabo / Tahoe Onstage

Tahoe Onstage

Karl Denson delivers muscle-bound funk.

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