Glaare turns to darkness, Fearing to torment

The Saint

The echoey guitars that open Glaare’s song “First Rain” are reminiscent of The Cure’s liquefied fever dream sound in the “Disintegration” era. While The Cure stuck with shimmery electronics and the non-threatening vocal delivery, Glaare dives further into the darkness with menacing percussion and icy melodies that roam a tormented labyrinthine underworld before re-emerging as the song concludes in a vaporous final exhalation.

Oakland’s Fearing has channeled the imagery of nightmarish environments over anxiety-inducing slow bass lines and heaving drum beats on its latest Black Sand EP. Think Joy Division at the band’s most tormented, with a more all-encompassing production that envelops the listener in a way that Joy Division records never quite had.

Glaare is darkwave with female vocals that gives it an almost Siouxsie and The Banshees quality and, along with Fearing, is in the midst of a full West Coast tour and will be playing The Saint in Reno’s midtown on Monday, Jan. 29. The cover charge $5 for guests 21 and older. The music starts at 8 p.m.

Opening are Reno’s synthwave Werewolf Club, locals Skew Ring and The Dancing Plague of 1518. For those who are into darkwave and electronic music, this is an essential show with two emerging names in the scene and three competent openers in a similar vein.

-Shaun Astor

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Shaun Astor cites pop music singers and social deviants as being among his strongest influences. His vices include vegan baking, riding a bicycle unreasonable distances and fixating on places and ideas that make up the subject of the sentence, "But that’s impossible…" He splits his time between Reno and a hammock perched from ghost town building foundations. Check out his work at

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