The Golden Cadillacs tuned up, ready for Red Room

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The Golden Cadillacs play Saturday, June 8, at the Crystal Bay Casino.

The Golden Cadillacs’ wheels keep spinning to Lake Tahoe.

The Roseville-based country rock band returns to the Crystal Bay Casino on Saturday for a performance inside the Red Room.

Country rock means different things to different listeners. Jeremy Plog, one of the two Golden Cadillacs guitarists, explained his band’s sound.

“We all grew up with Merle Haggard and graduated, for me, to Tom Petty and the Allman Brothers,” he said. “People think of country rock as like the Eagles. But we’re a little more toward Petty Southern rock with country rock influences.”

The Golden Cadillacs coalesced in 2007 as a trio. Today’s lineup includes Plog, guitarist Nick Swimley, bassist-singer Adam Wade, singer Jillian Secor and drummer Robby Dean. Aaron Shively sometimes appears on pedal steel.

Jeremy Plog

Swimley and Plog were longtime members of the Jackie Greene Band. They left the band in 2015. Swimley also plays for the Dead Winter Carpenters.

“(Nick) comes from a more Telecaster-based kind of country twang sound, and I come from a bluesy Southern rock thing,” Plog said. “That’s how we dictate who takes what solo. Most songs have a lot of interplay between the two guitars. I think it’s a cool approach rather than have one instrument as the lead voice. This breaks it up and it could be a little more surprising.”

The band has 20 unreleased original songs. Plog said they could be released two at a time, rather than all being put out on an album. It has a 2015 EP, “Indian Yellow.” Earlier, it made a country album, a sound that doesn’t reflect the band’s current sound.

“It’s shelved and out of print,” Plog said. It’s on eBay for high dollars. My mom’s bidding on it.”

Tahoe concertgoers will have a few chances to experience The Golden Cadillacs. The band plays at the River Ranch on July 17, Guitarfish on July 26 and Live at Lakeview on Aug. 1.

  • The Golden Cadillacs
    When: 10 p.m. Saturday, June 8
    Where: Crystal Bay Casino Red Room
    Cover: free

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