Cargo concert: Libidinous Valentine’s grooves by Gramatik

Gramatik at Cargo

Gramatik and Haywyre will play in the Cargo Concert Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 14.

Having a background in classical music and a passion for hip-hop, Gramatik seems to have a grasp on melting the best elements of these genres into a confluence that has the former’s emotional expression with the latter’s get-down club appeal.

It’s an electronic wall of sound production that manages to avoid an oversaturation of the elements involved. And having refined the sound over numerous albums, collaborations, and United States and European tours, Gramatik is hitting Cargo Concert Hall at Whitney Peak Hotel this Valentine’s Day with his libidinous grooves and room-firing beats.

Twinkling piano arpeggios, dramatic strings layered over bass guitar and cool jazz horns, flourishing electronic synths beneath hip-hop vocals, all with a booming undercurrent of dance beats. Venturing into these classical directions and laying them over groove-inducing beats is the formula on the “Re:coil” EP by Slovenia native Denis Jasarevic, known as Gramatik.

  • Gramatik
    Openers: Haywyre and Balkan Bump
    Where: Cargo Concert Hall
    Cover: $35
    Doors: 7 p.m.
    For: ages 18 and older

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