Rock is stranger than fiction: Poison, Cheap Trick in Reno


Hollywood’s Sunset Strip is synonymous with rock music – gritty clubs, telephone poles littered with show fliers, drugs, partying and the occasional story of some starving musicians actually emerging from the whole scene with a record deal. This narrative isn’t one that the band Poison simply fits into, it’s one that they created.

In the 1980s, Bret Michaels moved to Los Angeles with a band of musicians from Pennsylvania and with a little help from the start of the MTV era, the band took their brand of glam looks and combustive party rock to a seemingly perpetual residency across the national airwaves.

“I Want Action,” “Talk Dirty To Me,” “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” and the song behind the name of the “Nothin’ But A Good Time” Tour will be just part of the set list when – 30 years after the release of their first album — Poison brings its show to the Grand Sierra Resort’s Grand Theater on Sunday, May 20.

Drug addictions, onstage fistfights and laughable reality program stints later, the show will have the band’s classic lineup intact, with Reno the third date of a two-month tour that will span the country. While the song titles and the numbers (more than 45 million albums sold worldwide since their inception) speak for themselves, the band’s reputation as a smirkingly flamboyant hit factory will be a perfect fit for Reno’s gaudy neon nights.

To top it off, Cheap Trick, best known for their songs “I Want You To Want Me” and “Surrender,” along with performing the theme music at the beginning of “That ‘70s Show,” bring their own heavy-hitting catalog dating back to 1977 as the tour’s opener.

While the performers have come a long way from their gritty Sunset Strip beginnings, some things are timeless – hence it’s probably a safe bet that there will be a good amount leopard print spandex and teased hair throughout the theater for this one!

VIP Premium Seating and Meet and Greet packages for both bands are also available.

-Shaun Astor

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