Scott Pemberton Band returns to Live at Lakeview

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The Timber Rocker Scott Pemberton uses a stool instead of a strap when he shreds.
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Lake Tahoe’s long-awaited summer arrived this week along with Live at Lakeview.

South Lake Tahoe expat Robbie Gallo opened the show with a debut performance of his hip-hop trio B3K. Gallo, aka Rob Hurt, and Matt Burke, aka Burkey Baby, headlined with their San Diego group Vokab Kompany.

More than 1,000 came out to Lakeview Commons listened to music and swam and paddled in the water during the Summer Solstice.

Next Thursday, June 27, one of the event’s most popular groups, the Scott Pemberton Band, will perform along with opener Big Sticky Mess.

A man with a big beard and large sound, Portland, Oregon’s Pemberton is known as the Timber Rocker, a hippie superhero and the Bruce Lee of rock and roll.

His backstory is incredible. Pemberton was a college music instructor, studio producer and member of several bands. He nearly died in a traffic accident. It took months for him to recover from his traumatic brain injury. When he did, Pemberton picked up a guitar, shocked to learn of his virtuosity. With his schedule cleared, he had an opportunity to restart his career. He decided to create his own band and tour the country. Pemberton has been coming to Live at Lakeview ever since.

The only side effect from accident is that he cannot wear a guitar strap. So he places his instrument on a bar stool and attacks it like, well, the Bruce Lee of rock and roll.

Pemberton also will play at The Saint in Reno on Friday, June 28. Later, he will tour New York and Pennsylvania as well as the Great Northwest.

Big Sticky Mess is a Davis, California-based band that frequents Tahoe and delivers the jazzy funk.

Notes: Live at Lakeview is in its eighth season. … There will be no show the following Thursday, July 4. … On Aug. 6, the South Lake Tahoe City Council will consider renewing the contract for Live at Lakeview. … An app now is available for Tessie’s Beach Bites so concertgoers can order food from their phones to avoid standing in line.

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Tahoe Onstage

The first on the Live at Lakeview stage this year was the debut of Robbie Gallos’s BK3.
Tim Parsons / Tahoe Onstage photos

Tahoe Onstage

Riders take advantage of the free parking for Lime scooters.

Tahoe Onstage

Donald Rosenhamer, aka Don Ross, paints during the show. His wet-on-wet technique, inspired by Bob Ross, gives subjects a 3D effect.

Who needs casinos when the lake is warm enough to swim?

Billy Ramsey has that “I just retired” glow about him.

Tahoe Onstage

Shutterbugs on the rocks: Tiffany Tio and Pheonix Gruneich.

Tahoe Onstage

Leslie Schultz ensures everything stays On Course.



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