New Wave heroes Psychedelic Furs as pretty as ever

Psychedelic Furs

Psychedelic Furs will be onstage Saturday, Aug. 3, at Reno’s Grand Sierra Resort.

The slowburn trajectory of the Psychedelic Furs seems to have put the band in the precarious position of having both a cult-like status as well as mainstream success. If only because the band’s sound on the artsy end of the new wave spectrum has only become more appreciated over time for its originality.

Most known for singles such as “The Ghost In You,” “Shock,” “Love My Way” and “Pretty In Pink” (that last one so catchy that film director John Hughes stated that after hearing the song, he was inspired to write the Molly Ringwold-starring film based on the song!). The Furs struggled with radio trends that often overlooked them for the more polished new romantic sound that was popular at the time, as well as being some of their own harshest critics.

Upon the release of the “Pretty In Pink” movie – now with its own iconic status for that era – with their song on the soundtrack, the Furs finally achieved radio success, only to be pressured to work with large producers for their next album. The result was the “Midnight To Midnight” record, which was the band’s most commercially successful, but later acknowledged by the band as a departure from the more artistic approach they enjoyed creating their music with.

Fast forward, and the Psychedelic Furs’ music is finally equated with the 1980s decade of music, being remembered for its originality, its enigmatic storytelling lyrics, and its undeniable catchiness over those flavor-of-the-month bands that happened to have been more popular at the time.

Today, even the band’s Best-Of albums don’t completely capture the depth that less popular songs stir up, such as “Angels Don’t Cry” or “Run and Run.”

The Furs are on tour with ’90s band James, most popularly known for their single “Laid.” They both perform at the Grand Sierra Resort’s Grand Theatre on Saturday, Aug.3

Rounding out the show will be 2000s band Dear Boy.

Tickets starting at $25 available HERE

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