Ted Nugent gives July Fourth fans ‘Cat Scratch Fever’

Tahoe Onstage

Ted Nugent and a sell-out crowd in TJ”s Corral at the Carson Valley Inn celebrate the Fourth of July.
Tahoe Onstage photos by Pheonix Gruneich

The Music Made Me Do It tour, Fourth of July with Ted Nugent — Happy Birthday America! Of course, he talked about Trumpian politics — along with guns and hunting — but he charmed the audience with great jokes and a rockin’ performance. A long line as the doors opened but people were inside in no time. A packed house filled TJ’s Corral at Carson Valley Inn for the continuation of the summer concert series.

A sea of patriotic attire was impressive, including the red-white-and-blue trucker hats that guests received at the gate. Cowboy boots and hats were abundant, too. Cell phones and hands were held high in the air throughout the show. Spirits were high, drinks were flowing, people of all ages were enjoying the show — dancing, rockin,’ screaming, hollering, singing, whistling and cheering on The Nuge.

A controversial conservative, Nugent needs no introduction. Even if you aren’t a fan, you at least have heard of the man. Rocking hard since the 1960s, he first played in the band Amboy Dukes, starting in 1964. The Dukes transitioned to being his backing band before Nugent dropped the name in 1975. Nugent’s solo career did well in the 1970s and he joined the supergroup Damn Yankees in the late 1980s.

At TJ’s Corral, he played his hits, he played fan favorites and even delivered some new material. During the first song and a half, the entire audience was on its feet, welcoming him to Nevada. He opened the show with “The Star-Spangled Banner” and ended the night with it, as well. His band was quite tight and gave him room to do as he pleased. Nugent, 69, advised the crowd to keep being an “ass kicker.”

Joel Gruneich of Gardnerville, Nevada, said that watching Nugent perform “Stranglehold” was a check off his bucket list. “He made it look easy. Great guitar tone and he played with passion,” said Gruneich, a guitarist himself with the band Lavish Green.

Other folks summed up the holiday gathering: “Greatest concert so far” … “Ted still rocks”… “Hell yeah, that’s what I’m talking about” … “That was so fun, Mom” and “Thanks for taking me, Babe.” Rockers in paradise on the Fourth of July.

  — Pheonix Gruneich

Pheonix Gruneich / Tahoe OnstagePheonix Gruneich / Tahoe OnstagePheonix Gruneich / Tahoe OnstageTahoe OnstagePheonix Gruneich / Tahoe OnstagePheonix Gruneich / Tahoe Onstage

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Photojournalist Pheonix Gruneich is a native of Southern California where her love of music began. She moved to Tahoe when she was 16. She now resides in the Carson Valley. She is a lover of arts and, most of all, live music!


  1. Phoenix Gruneich wrote: “A controversial conservative, Nugent needs no introduction. Even if you aren’t a fan, you at least have heard of the man ”
    “Conservative”? What we folks with a decent memory recall is Mr. Nugent dodging the U.S. military draft for many years by faking illnesses, for getting a teen girls parental rights so his groupie could travel with him, and calling for President Obama to be hung…This weathered draft dodging blowhard is no patriot…

  2. I’m sad this beautiful area is filled with a bunch of racist idiots!

  3. I’m sad Marie you showed up. If you consider people who voted for and support Donald Trump racist you should pack your bags and leave America because you do not belong here. At least go back to the BAY.

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