Here comes The Higgs: Jam band hits Red Room

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The Higgs shined in their Monday night show in March. The band returns to Crystal Bay on Friday.
Michael Smyth / Tahoe Onstage

This band’s mission is to melt faces, blow minds and provide cerebral jams for the masses.

Formed by Craigslist and named after an elementary particle, The Higgs make their third appearance at the Crystal Bay Casino on Friday. It will be a free Red Room show.

The Long Beach jam band debuted in the Red Room in May 2017 and opened a Crown Room show for Spafford last March, a gig that was moved from a Friday night to Monday due to a snowstorm and flat tire.

Guitarist John Lovero is the founding member. He is the primary songwriter and cites influences as Stephen Stills, Neal Casal and Jimmy Harring. He formerly played with Midnight North.

“We like to take it out there and make it a little bit different every night,” Lovero said. “We play different songs and we always try to make the jams in our songs a little bit different each night.”

Formerly with Igor and Red Elvises, Garrett Morris plays drums. Philadelphia native David Barsky has played bass in rock, electronica and reggae bands. The keyboard player is Jesse August Jennings and he’s performed with Col. Bruce Hampton and Keller Williams.

Before the band’s last Crystal Bay appearance, Lovero said: “Honestly, the thing that resonated the most was how cool the people and the vibe there was. It’s kind of a dream of an area. We are so stoked to get up there.”

The band connected with Crystal Bay Casino through Jon Siembieda of Hunter and the Dirty Jacks.

  • The Higgs
    When: 10 p.m. Friday, July 20
    Where: Crystal Bay Casino Red Room
    Cover: No charge

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