Night 2: ALO, Motet combine forces, Magic Gravy tops it off

ALO plays to a second sellout crowd in as many nights at the Crystal Bay Casino.
Tahoe Onstage photos by Larry Sabo

It’s always a party when ALO comes to town and this weekend was no exception.

ALO’s 14th annual Tour D’Amour arrived Friday for two nights of sold-out shows at Crystal Bay Casino’s Crown Room. As soon as ALO hit the stage for the second show, the party had begun. Starting from the first note, dancing commenced.

Sam Shear, Crystal Bay’s production manager, described the concert as “a big time show.” He wasn’t kidding — the talent of ALO and co-headliner The Motet was sensational.

Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz rocked the guitar, Zach Gill played keyboards, Steve Adams killed the bass, and Ezra Lipp, ALO’s newest member, played drums. When Gill started singing, the crowd went crazy: “I love the music, you love to dance. Together it’s the perfect romance. It’s the soul of everything.”

Jenna Lebowitz reported that Lebo had lost his voice from the opening night’s show, and he rested it all day for the Saturday night show.

ALO closed their 90-minute set with the Stones’ classic “Sympathy for the Devil.”

The dance party continued with The Motet, a band of funksters from the Rocky Mountains. They have been making people dance since 1998. The Motet delivers a soul-laden funk with a slice of rock and roll, and adds an electrifying horn section.

Seven members filled the stage: Lyle Divinsky on vocals, founding member Dave Watts on drums, Joey Porter on keys, Garrett Sayers on bass, Ryan Jalbert on guitar, Drew Sayers on sax, and Parris Fleming on trumpet.

The Motet created a special energy in the Crown Room for the next 90 minutes with their funky, jazzy rock and roll jam. No one could stand still. Divinsky was electric to watch and he stirred up the dance party with his great moves. The band closed the show with a medley of 1990s songs.

And then there was more — the after party. Magic Gravy, a power trio, brought a special flavor to Crystal Bay’s Red Room. Lebo handled vocals and guitar, while The Motet’s Watts and Sayers powered the drums and bass.

Once again, a sea of people danced to this amazing, bluesy and jammin’ rock and roll. It was Sunday morning before the party ended.

Marcia Schultz

This story will be updated with photos of The Motet.

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The Motet

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