Concert review: B.B King’s Blues Band thrills Tahoe

Tahoe Onstage

Tito Jackson and B.B. King’s Blues Band thrill Lake Tahoe concertgoers in the MontBleu Theatre.
Tahoe Onstage photos by Conrad Buedel

The thrill is NOT gone! B.B. King’s Blues Band featuring Tito Jackson treated Lake Tahoe fans to a extraordinary night at the MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa Theatre. The five-piece horn section made the concert special.

The warm memories of the King of Blues permeated the venue from the opening song, “Let the Good Times Roll.” Bass player Russell Jackson sang the lead and he has mastered the same inflections and cadence as B.B., add to the authenticity. Jackson was equally good on both electric and stand-up bass.

Trumpet player James “Boogaloo” Bolden has played in King’s band for 35 years and stepped out front to sing “Big Boss Man.” You can’t help but like Bolden and his infectious personality. The entire band clearly enjoyed performing together and getting the audience involved. Guitarist Jesse Robinson was solid and Eric Demmer lit up the room with his sax solos.

The band played a full set before introducing Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Tito Jackson. One of Michael Jackson’s older brothers, Tito showed good blues chops on his Gibson. Jackson also sang lead and shared some of his memories of B.B. King.

Fans will be happy to hear that plans are in the works to keep B.B. King’s Blues Band together and performing across the nation. Prominent blues guitarists including Taj Mahal, Kenny Neal, Joe Louis Walker and Kenny Wayne Shepherd have recorded an album with the band. Another tour is in the works with different guitarists taking turns headlining the show for a couple of weeks at a time, similar to Tito Jackson on the current tour.

— Conrad Buedel

About Conrad Buedel

Conrad Buedel was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He moved to Nevada in 1987. Conrad is a professional writer and photographer in the Lake Tahoe area.


  1. Just went to a concert here in Springfield MA at the Xfinity Outdoor center and Tito and the band blew me away.

    Titos talent was always in the background of something “better” but man, can that cat “twang”

    for anyone else go see this band, for a great time of blues.


  2. I like BB King Blues Band featuring Tito Jackson if they come back to Florida to perform again can you sing one of my favorite song “The Thrill Is Gone”?
    Can I sing one of BB King greatest hits I like to be on stage again start play harmonica I was 14 or 15 years old and play the piano I was 7 years old and started sing in church choir I was 5 years old and grow up on stage I was 7 years old I started recording I was 17 or 18 years old I like to join BB King Blues Band.

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