Faces in the crowd: Happy campers abound at Hangtown

Tahoe Onstage

The happy Hangtown Music Festival in Placerville had a record turnout in 2017.
Tahoe Onstage photos by Larry Sabo

PHOTOGRAPHER’S NOTEBOOK: The Best of the Fest for me, by far, was the part of the Leftover Salmon set when Lukas Nelson (son of Willie) came out as a guest performer. They did a Neil Young cover, “Down By The River.” It literally made the crowd go silent for a while as everyone was just jaw-dropped. This was the best attended, best organized Hangtown Musical Festival ever. The lineups were superb, the weather was fantastic and the only complaint I heard was that the camping was quite packed, but that’s to be expected with such great attendance. This is now a seasoned festival, with so many return attendees  and everyone wishing each other a “Happy Hangtown” like it’s a beloved holiday. I overheard so many first-time patrons saying what a good experience they had and how they can’t wait to come back next year. I am impressed with what organizers have accomplished with this festival and it rivals anything I’ve seen, including Telluride and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass.

   — Larry Sabo

Tahoe Onstage

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Larry Sabo is a real-estate broker with a passion for rock 'n' roll photography. He makes his living during the day selling real estate but you'll see him at night enjoying shows. Stop and talk to him anytime you see him out, he will always appreciate it.


  1. Thank You! “Can you kiss that guy?” “SURE”

  2. Apparently the ratio is 10 hot women for every man. The overweight and older people do not come to this festival. It’s just for the pretty people.

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