Scott Pemberton brings timber rock to Tahoe for new year

Stefan Jarocki, left, and Scott Pemberton rock Tep’s Villa Roma on New Year’s Eve in South Lake Tahoe.
Larry Sabo / Tahoe Onstage images

Scott Pemberton — the Bruce Lee of Rock and Roll — brought his own signature style of music to Tep’s Villa Roma for New Year’s Eve in South Lake Tahoe.

He knows how to make everyone’s heart smile with his music and dance the night away. Pemberton, on vocals and guitar, was joined by Stefan Jarocki on bass, James Sissler on drums, and Jordan Feinstein on keyboards.

Watching Pemberton perform it is like watching him on his deck at home in the Pacific Northwest. He never has a set list. He picks the tunes by the vibes of the crowd.

On this night, Pemberton delivered “Sugar Mama,” “Let’s Play House” and a crowd favorite, “Let’s Do It.”

If you missed his concert, you missed out. In eight years of watching him play, this performance was his best yet. But lucky for you, he should return this summer to rock the lake again.

— Marcia Schultz

About Marcia Schultz

Marcia Schultz is a longtime local to the Lake Tahoe area and is a music aficionado. She has been to countless musical events from Tahoe to Nashville.

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