Concert review: DED breathes new life into nu-metal

Tahoe Onstage

All the eyeballs were on DED at Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor in Reno.
Tahoe Onstage photos by Tony Contini

Tempe, Arizona’s DED breathed new life into nu-metal at Jub-Jub’s Thirst Parlor in Reno.

The show started with Fate Awaits. A four-piece local group that’s combined ages of members are probably younger than me. Their youngest member is a 12-year-old  guitarist who’s 7-string guitar is as big as himself.

All cute comparisons aside, they are great.  They have the sound and stage presence of pros. They covered System Of A Down, which is no simple task.

Someone I guessed was a band-mom yelled “We love you, Scotty!” during a drum solo. These kids mean business.

Hate To Share played next and had the difficult job of following children. Things changed abruptly – choruses suddenly included f-bombs and fog machines were exchanged for vape pens. They combined touches of Slayer, The Misfits and Suicidal Tendencies.

DED’s set was a continuous mosh-pit. I sure hope the small children playing “Ring Around the Rosie” evacuated in enough time.

The crowd waited with bated breath between songs. DED combines metalcore with a little rap. I sensed some Fred Durst influence. I checked their wiki, and the chocolate starfish himself directed some of their videos.

They played Reno on a small break from their tour. They thanked the crowd continuously for supporting and being awesome.

-Tony Contini

Tony Contini / Tahoe OnstageTahoe Onstage / Tony Contini

Hate to Share

Fate Awaits

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  1. Nice review of Fate Awaits but where’s the picture of the 7 string guitar playing 12 year old Manning Gray?

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