With Flogging Molly in Tahoe, St. Paddy’s Day comes twice

Tahoe Onstage

Every day is St. Paddy’s Day with Bridget Regan and Flogging Molly, which entertained a sold-out crowd March 23 in the MontBleu Theatre.
Tahoe Onstage photos by Pheonix Gruneich

When Flogging Molly comes to town, think green.

Fans packed MontBleu Theatre Friday, March 23, for the band’s Life Is Good Spring Tour. It was a sold-out show, indeed, and the spirit of St. Patrick was fully in force.

Tahoe Onstage“St. Patrick’s Day was last weekend but when (Flogging Molly) comes to town, it’s f-ing every day!” said frontman Dave King as the band opened with “The Hand of John L. Sullivan.”

The Irishman danced around the stage with and without his guitar. Bridget Regan played the flute and the fiddle incredibly. You can, of course, tell how long this band has been together. The love was evident onstage and, upon conversing with each other, it oozed pure magic — even through the funny back-and-forth jabs.

This band is solid and tight, yet the players allowed themselves to be loose but never slacking on their performance. Every member is a true musician and a unique addition. “Life is Good,” the title track from Flogging Molly’s latest album, “The Days We’ve Yet to Meet,” was included in the set, along with fan favorites “Devils’ Dancefloor” and  “Seven Deadly Sins.”

My favorite of the night:”If I Ever Leave This World Alive.” The punk-rock-folk band played a great set of old and new material. The musicians loved watching people dance and enjoy themselves. Fans sang their hearts out and the band members could feel the love!

Flogging Molly brought out a birthday cake out for drummer Matt Alonso, and the crowd joined the band in singing a proper “Happy Birthday.” We got an encore performance and, with Guinness in hand, they closed the show — and the tour — as congertgoers chanted “ole, ole, ole.” Banjo player Bob  Schmidt walked the stage with a bubble blower and joined other band members in shaking fans’ hands.

Friday night’s show opened with a one-man band from Austin, Texas, Scott H. Biram. He offered grimy vocals, dirty guitar and held the beat with his foot. Biram provided original songs, raw and honest music — I loved it. Next up was Jon Snodgrass & Friends. Sharing a punkish feel with melodic overtones, they reminded me of an early Offspring.

– Pheonix Gruneich

Tahoe OnstageTahoe OnstageTahoe OnstageTahoe Onstage

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