In Flames: ‘Listen to metal and … wake up with a smile’

Tahoe Onstage

Anders Fridén of the Swedish band In Flames burns through songs in Cargo Concert Hall on  Nov. 9.
Skylar Owens / Tahoe Onstage

Metalheads united at Reno’s Cargo Concert Hall last Saturday for a performance by Swedish heavy metal band In Flames and supporting acts Red and Arrival Of Autumn. Starting the night off at full force with “Cloud Connected” from the album “Reroute to Remain,” In Flames made it known that hathe band had arrived for a long night of headbanging, moshing, and screaming. There were flashing lights, guitar riffs that could be heard from miles from Björn Gelotte and the powerful vocals of Anders Fridén. Performing more than 20 hits with an hour and 45 minute set, In Flames ended the night with the fitting song, “The End” from 2016 album “Battles.” Fridén preached to the crowd: “Listen to metal and you will wake up with a smile on your face, Swedish people never lie.”

— Skylar Owens

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Carson City resident Skylar Owens is inspired by the raw experience of live music. She became hooked on rock ‘n’ roll at the age of 6 when she attended a Bon Jovi concert. She caught Paul Stanley’s guitar pick at a 2017 KISS concert.

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