Jamestown Revival’s musical journey stops at Crystal Bay

Tahoe Onstage

Jamestown Revival at the Crystal Bay Casino on Saturday, Sept. 16.
Tahoe Onstage photos by Larry Sabo

Photographer’s notebook: What a great show! Jamestown Revival is a cross between the Wood Brothers and Creedence Clearwater Revival, with even a Motown back beat at times. A huge variety of sound with a multitude of instruments to include two guitars, keyboards and an organ, sax, harmonica, steel guitar, slide guitar, banjo, drums and bass. Amazing the diverseness of sounds put out by a group of six that sounded like a 12-man band.  The most impressive part is the songwriting and harmonies of Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay. The musical abilities of the band takes you on a musical journey that includes everything from James Taylor and CCR covers to their own unique songs. This is one of the best up-and-coming bands I’ve seen in a long time and I’ll be sure to see them anytime they even come close to this region, for sure.

-Larry Sabo


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