Not-so ghoulish characters dance with Polish Ambassador

The sold-out Crystal Bay Casino was treated to EDM on Friday.
Amanda Jacobs / Tahoe Onstage photos

The Polish Ambassador moved the crowd, literally and figuratively, at the Crystal Bay Casino on Friday night.

EDM fans without tickets to see the world’s funkiest diplomat likely went to the South Shore. A legendary Burning Man art car, The Christina, served as centerpiece for a party called Docked at Hard Rock that featured DJs Justin Martin and Z-trip. In Reno, progressive metal icon Dream Theater performed. Yet with so much going on in one night, The Polish Ambassador had a sold-out show.

Random Rab opened at Crystal Bay with a great set full of interesting mixes and cerebral vibes. Some in the crowd noted that they were actually more excited for Random Rab. I caught up with him at the end of his set. “I was at the CBC 10 years ago — the venue has changed a lot. We have one more show tomorrow at the end of this fall tour with The Polish Ambassador. It has been a good, long tour.”

The electronic dance music community is a close crowd in the Tahoe area. Groups who attended local festivals this year planned for this show. I saw music families reuniting in hugs with all kinds of outrageous costumes.

Gathering in between Halloween and The Day of the Dead, attendees at Crystal Bay Casino were still in the dress-up spirit. There were classic costumes such as cowboys, and of course some of my favorite whimsical onesies. I witnessed a walking banana and didn’t have to go to the zoo to see animals such as a penguin and even a flying unicorn.

The Polish Ambassador played a great show with awesome special guests accompanying him. The crowd packed the venue, dancing and having a great time with friends. Definitely check out The Polish Ambassador if you like to dance, and let’s hope Random Rab doesn’t wait 10 years to visit us again.

— Amanda Jacobs

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Amanda Jacobs owns 17 musical instruments and enjoys living in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. She loves going to festivals and talking with artists about the message behind their music.

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