Dorothy, Spirit Animal unleash magic night of rock in Reno

Tahoe Onstage

Dorothy delivers at the Cargo Concert Hall in downtown Reno on Jan. 18.
Tahoe Onstage photo by Pheonix Gruneich

When the lead singer of the headlining band burns sage to start the show, you know that fans are in for a fine night. Dorothy and Spirit Animal delivered rock ‘n’ roll goodness to fans at Reno’s Cargo Concert Hall on Friday, Jan. 18.

A healthy sized crowd had gathered for the opening band, Spirit Animal. Hailing from Brooklyn, the band brought an energetic performance. As lead singer Steve Cooper unlayered his jackets during the evening, bassist Paul Michel appeared to keep his hips shaking the entire show. Guitarist Cal Stamp gave his all onstage, and drummer Ronen Evron looked like he was more than having fun.

With great stage presence, the band was excellent live. Fans were singing along and dancing around. Reno’s own man-about-town, Chris Payne, was up front enjoying the performance and declared on social media: “Play this band more on the radio.” I agree.

The crowd packed in some more for the headliner, the rockers Dorothy from Los Angeles. Ladies in the audience dressed up for some fun, with many sporting leather coats in homage to the rock and roll lady herself, Dorothy Martin.

As the band played its intro, Martin lit some sage to start the night in a magical way. Such high energy from drummer Jason Ganberg. Guitarists Nick Perri and Eli Wulfmeier were powerhouses and delivered some epic solos. Bassist Eliot Lorango knows just how to hold the groove. All band members sang and harmonized, as well. Fans were singing back instantly and continued throughout Dorothy’s set.

Radio DJs were all out, and I bumped into Max Volume during Dorothy’s set. We discussed how well she kept up with her rockin’ fellas in the band with great vocal range and delivery. Once again, it was a great night at Cargo Concert Hall.

— Pheonix Gruneich

Pheonix Gruneich / Tahoe Onstage

Tahoe Onstage

Nick Perri of Dorothy on guitar.

Spirit Animal

Tahoe Onstage

Steve Cooper reveals Animal Spirit’s many layers.

Tahoe Onstage

Hip-shaking bassist Paul Michel.

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