Stone Foxes rock hard at Hard Rock

Photographer’s notebook: The Stone Foxes imparted its musical soul at Lake Tahoe last week and even shared a bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon with a thirsty crowd. The red hot rock and roll was more than 90 proof! The Stone Foxes have said, “We don’t want to be anything but a rock and roll band.” That philosophy was on full display at the new Hard Rock Casino as the San Francisco band rocked at full speed. The small crowd at Vinyl was treated to a super high energy 90 minute set. Brothers Shannon and Spencer Koehler set the pace and the fans held on for dear life. Shannon ventured into the crowd several times playing the harp and belting out the lyrics. Shannon was so excited that he even got a bloody nose. During one song, all of the band members except the drummer were dancing in the crowd. — Conrad Buedel

About Conrad Buedel

Conrad Buedel was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He moved to Nevada in 1987. Conrad is a professional writer and photographer in the Lake Tahoe area.

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