Strange Weather’s flash flood of rock and roll

Tahoe Onstage

Strange Weather rocks Himmel Haus on June 21, the South Shore band’s first official show.

Strange Weather brought on a storm at Himmel Haus Sunday night, June 21. It performed ’70s rock covers from bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Rick Derringer along with original music. The packed house was extremely receptive of the music and the band. Strange Weather held true to a high energy rock band, which was no easy feat given the small stage. This was the band’s first official performance and I must say I was highly impressed. The members have only been together for a short time but you wouldn’t have guessed it given their stage presence and professionalism. Strange Weather is Todd Christensen, bass; John Gardner, drums; Vinny Berry, vocals and John “Chile” Munroe, guitar.

Kurt Johnson

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Photographer Kurt E. Johnson has played drums since he was 14. He is in the South Shore blues band Mudd Bonz and the instrumental progressive psychedelic space rock band Aether Haze. He retired after a 31-year career in the Bay Area and has lived at Lake Tahoe for 10 years. His passion is concert photography and playing music. To see more of his photos, visit his website

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