Lake Tahoe survives three String Cheese Incidents

Larry Sabo / Tahoe Onstage

The Crystal Bay Casino is jammed for String Cheese Incident, which played three straight nights.
Tahoe Onstage images by Larry Sabo

Sure there was a lot of snow at Lake Tahoe, but for music lovers winter 2017 will be remembered for The String Cheese Incident.

An unprecedented three-night run at the Crystal Bay Casino by the beloved band from Colorado packed the Crown Room. Tickets for the shows sold out in minutes, by far the quickest ever for the venue. Fortunately, for those who were lucky enough to get in the jams lasted much longer.

“The String Cheese Incident brings out the best in some people,” Tahoe Onstage’s Garrett Bethmann wrote after the first show on Friday, March 17. “It was awe-inspiring to see all those fun-loving humans synced together for the sole purpose of dancing and laughing the night away to the heady vibes of SCI. Hands down, it was the best environment to catch a show at the Crystal Bay Club…”

During the Winter Carnival Tour, which concluded at Lake Tahoe, The String Cheese Incidents returned to it roots, playing smaller venues in the mountain towns that helped cultivate its sound and fans. The musicians — Michael Kang (guitar, fiddle), Michael Travis (drums), Bill Nershi (guitar), Kyle Hollingsworth (keyboards), Keith Moseley (bass), and Jason Hann (percussionist) — decorated the stage with lamps and rugs, upon which they stood barefoot and thrilled enthusiastic crowds of mostly out-of-town concertgoers.

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Click to see all of Larry Sabo’s photos from the show on Saturday, March 18.

String Cheese 1

Tahoe Onstage

Barefoot Billy Nershi

String Cheese Incident

Michael Kang

Tahoe Onstage

Jason Hann

Tahoe Onstage

Keith Moseley

Tahoe Onstage

Michael Travis

String Cheese 3

Kyle Hollingsworth

Kyle Hollingsworth

String Cheese 9String Cheese 5String Cheese Billy 2String Cheese 6String Cheese 8

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