The Nevada Show: A little piece of Las Vegas at Harveys

The Nevada Show at Harveys Lake Tahoe warms wintry Friday nights.
Larry Sabo / Tahoe Onstage photos

Strolling through Harvey’s Lake Tahoe in Stateline, Nevada, an arched sign captures my attention. “This way!” I could picture a partially bald man in 1930s attire waving to patrons, inviting us to experience something mysterious behind the curtain. The sign welcomed guests into a new realm; into, The Nevada Show.

A professionally dressed attendant took my ticket, and showed me to one of the best seats in the house. The cocktail waitress promptly stopped by my seat asking if I’d like anything to drink. Soon, the lights dimmed, and a voice filled the room, “Ladies and gentleman, welcome to The Nevada Show.” The curtains raised yet we were left with mostly darkness. A light appeared in the center of the stage revealing a couple of figures that began to shift in choreographed motion to a song. We are taken into the scene.

Following the first performance, the narrator walked through the audience to the front of the stage, interacting with guests and introducing the journey we have begun o take together. His character is both surprisingly informative and comedic. Before the next performance, he set the scene with an interesting, historic piece of the Nevada identity.

Quickly it becomes apparent that The Nevada Show is indeed an adult show, with impeccable costuming and impressive gymnastics. I was particularly fascinated by the show’s use of light, and appreciated the variety of bass music mixes cut with other segments of live piano playing and singing.

Our host came back onto the stage, revealing more items in his bag of tricks. Literally, he has added magic tricks to his historic narrative of Nevada. It strikes me how creative the structure of this experience is. The narrator interacts with the crowd and engages us with magic, history, and comedy. Another song starts – this time, our host is a participant in the choreographed dance. Does his talent have no end?! The songs and costumes chosen are matched in theme to the Nevada icons our narrator teaches us about such as Burning Man and Area 51. We are witnessing a full picture of the Nevada state in a package of entertainment.

The theatrics ended with a final song and farewell. As we exited the theater, the talented performers were standing outside the doors to personally greet their new fans and thank us for coming to their performance. They were much taller than I expected.

If you like Billie Eilish, Beyoncé, Imagine Dragons, and hot girls, this show is for you. It did a great job of mixing history, comedy, great songs and dance, and keeping the crowd engaged. Another hint: Alt J and aerial acrobatics go exquisitely well together.

I would not recommend the show if you are epileptic, but if you are not epileptic, then it is a must see for tourists and locals alike. Even more-so if you’re a local because there is a high chance that your neighbor could be in the show. If you are looking for closer interaction, sit in one of the floor chairs, but if you’re more reserved like me, I recommend sitting at one of the bar chairs higher up.

Overall, The Nevada Show greatly exceeded expectations. I had such a good time that I’d go see it again. This is your chance to live like a local at The Nevada Show.

– Amanda Jacobs

The Nevada Show
10 p.m. Fridays
Where: Harveys Lake Tahoe Cabaret Showroom
Must be: 21 or older for this adult show
Tickets: $25 and $35 for VIP LINK

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Amanda Jacobs owns 17 musical instruments and enjoys living in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. She loves going to festivals and talking with artists about the message behind their music.


  1. Great description of the show, it’s like I am there!

  2. Great…. ! We’re going

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