Three Dog Night revisits ‘Shambala’ at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe

Three Dog Night played many of their top 40 hits at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe on Saturday, June. 1
Larry Sabo / Tahoe Onstage photos

Photographer’s notebook: Three Dog Night represents an era gone by. Although vocalists had to reach for some of the high-note harmonies of past, you just don’t see modern groups that can play a 20-song set of tunes that all hit the Top 40. Their show is more of a nostalgia of songs that everyone knows. (I don’t recall seeing any other band where I knew “every” song on the playlist.)  It’s not about how good they can cover their own songs — at more than 70 years old for some of the band members — it’s more about just how good they were in their day. They are all still very talented musicians and I truly enjoyed watching them perform their familiar songs with energy and enthusiasm in the South Shore Room at Harrah’s Tahoe on Saturday, June 1. The touring lineup was founder and lead vocalist Danny Hutton, guitarist Michael Allsup, bass player and singer Paul Kingery, drummer Pat Bautz, keyboard player Howard Laravea, and singer David Morgan.

— Larry Sabo

 Larry Sabo / Tahoe Onstage

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