Uncle Kracker shares his feel-good vibes at TJ’s Corral

Uncle Kracker treats the sold-out TJ’s Corral at the Carson Valley Inn to his country rock  music.

Uncle Kracker delivered his feel-good music at Carson Valley Inn. The crowd soaked it up.

Another successful concert was had at TJ’s Corral. What a good night with Uncle Kracker and his talented band. Folks of all ages — and all walks of life — came out to the show, dancing and having fun, singing along. But they plain just enjoyed the performance given by Uncle Kracker.

You heard all kinds of upbeat things from congertgoers exiting the Saturday evening show: ‘Best show yet!’ ‘I’ve seen him before and this was my favorite!’ ‘Great night!’ Uncle Kracker has played sold-out shows across the country and appeared everywhere from the American Country Music Awards to Late Night With Conan O’Brien. He’s still having a blast, and fans worldwide undoubtedly will, too, when they see him on the road.

“When I’m up onstage, I don’t feel removed from the people coming to hear the music,” he says. “You can feel it, when they identify with you. Sometimes when I’m up there, I wanna tell’em ‘I’m not any different than you are.’ ”

Country-rocker Uncle Kracker was born June 9, 1974 as Matthew Shafer. He was a turntablist for Kid Rock’s backing group Twisted Brown Trucker and went solo in 1999. His singles “Follow Me” and “Drift Away” were top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. He sang both for the TJ’s Corral crowd, which drifted away following a brilliant Northern Nevada sunset in orange, then pink, and a make-you smile performance from a talented artist and band.

— Pheonix Gruneich

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Photojournalist Pheonix Gruneich is a native of Southern California where her love of music began. She moved to Tahoe when she was 16. She now resides in the Carson Valley. She is a lover of arts and, most of all, live music!

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