‘Four Chicks’ — Zepparella rocks Crystal Bay

Photographer’s notebook: Zepparella thrilled a packed house in the Crown Room at Crystal Bay Club with a super tribute to Led Zeppelin. The songs were spine tingling and so close to the original sounds. If you closed your eyes, you were transported back to the 1970s and the pinnacle of the super group. Of course, you wanted to keep your eyes open to watch these beautiful women play their hearts out and continue the great Zeppelin legacy.

Gretchen Menn fired off the classic guitar riffs of Jimmy Page. She did everything but pull out the double neck. Angeline Saris laid down the steady bass ala John Paul Jones. Clementine was a whirling dervish on drums often playing with her hair completely covering her face. Noelle Doughty was perfect singing the vocals of Robert Plant. The crowd was dancing and going wild during the entire two-hour set. If you like Led Zeppelin, you will love Zepparella.– Conrad Buedel

About Conrad Buedel

Conrad Buedel was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He moved to Nevada in 1987. Conrad is a professional writer and photographer in the Lake Tahoe area.

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