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Zepparella @ Crystal Bay Club-244-LZepparella @ Crystal Bay Club-155-LZepparella @ Crystal Bay Club-147-LZepparella, an all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band from the San Francisco Bay Area, rocked it up July 5 in the Crystal Bay Casino.

Kicking off the first show of a national tour, Noelle Doughty (vocals), Gretchen Menn (guitar), Angeline Saris (bass) and Clementine (drums) continue to bring the best renditions of Let Zeppelin to their fans.

I’ve seen Zepparella a few times in the Bay Area and have always been impressed. This concert was no exception. And it’s not the novelty it being an all-female band. It’s the fact that they each are great musicians in their own right and really hone in on getting that Zep sound. The sound mix (thanks to Jim Gamble) and the lights were exceptionally good. At one point of the concert, singer Noelle took a cell phone from a fan to take selfies and panoramics. Very cool.

Two side notes: Pfeifer filled in on bass for Angeline Saris and did a fantastic job. Clementine, who evidently was involved in a recent motorcycle collision was still able to perform and not miss a beat. Now that’s a rocker.

Zepparella @ Crystal Bay Club-256-LZepparella @ Crystal Bay Club-100-LZepparella @ Crystal Bay Club-122-LZepparella @ Crystal Bay Club-57-LZepparella @ Crystal Bay Club-198-L

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Photographer Kurt E. Johnson has played drums since he was 14. He is in the South Shore blues band Mudd Bonz and the instrumental progressive psychedelic space rock band Aether Haze. He retired after a 31-year career in the Bay Area and has lived at Lake Tahoe for 10 years. His passion is concert photography and playing music. To see more of his photos, visit his website

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