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Pretty Things Peep Show uncovers decades of burlesque

The Pretty Things Peepshow is the brainchild of burlesque dancer and workaholic go-go Amy. After years of strutting her stuff on burlesque stages she was picked up by The Brothers Grim Sideshow to perform on warped tour and OZZfest, which opened her eyes and her heart to the world of sideshow. Fascinated by the act she saw but wanting to ...

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Stop the train: Railroad Earth close to selling out

Railroad Earth

There’s a great scene in “The Last Waltz” – the documentary about the Band’s final concert – where director Martin Scorsese is discussing music with drummerr Levon Helm. Who said, “If it mixes with rhythm, and if it dances, then you’ve got a great combination of all those different kinds of music: country, bluegrass, blues music, show music.” To which ...

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Tainted Love relives the ’80s live onstage in Tahoe

Tainted Love

At the beginning of the 1980s — with the fall of disco and the commercial demise of punk rock — music took a turn into what somebody dubbed, “one of the most romantic periods in the history of popular music.” Musicians abandoned their guitars and traditional drum kits for the latest in state-of-the-art technology: synthesizers, drum machines and special effects. ...

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