Strange Weather’s spooky homecoming to Tahoe

Strange Weather Oct.2016

Strange Weather was dressed for the occasion at the Halloween show.

This late October bout of rain, wind and snow was over by Monday, but Strange Weather still covered the area for a week. After a weekend performance at the Off Beat Arts and Music Festival in Reno, the band is headed back south for a Sunday night show in Long Beach.

The recently departed South Shore rock band is returning to Tahoe for a run of appearances in South Shore and Reno. Strange Weather relocated in the late summer and early fall of 2016, moving from South Lake Tahoe to Los Angeles.

The group is Vinny Berry (vocals), John Munroe (guitar), Todd Christensen (bass) and Jon Gardner (drums).

“We’ve all been getting settled, of course we’ve hit a few bumps in the road” Berry said. “Some of the guys are still looking for a house, that’s the main bump.”

While still adjusting since the move, the group has begun to book a handful of gigs at bars and other local venues since moving, he said.

Strange Weather also is celebrating the recent release of a five song EP (as yet unnamed), a follow up to the band’s eponymous debut album released earlier this year.

Last weekend saw the group return to Tahoe for two South Shore shows. The members appeared at Base Camp Pizza Co. on Sunday, joining Jeff Connor’s Connor Party with whom they regularly played while in the area. On Halloween night, the band joined the annual festivities hosted by South Shore’s Groove Box at the American Legion. (See photos.)

“Yeah, we’re doing the fifth or sixth annual Groove Box event,” Berry said before the show. “We did it with them last year and it was an absolute blast. They invited us back.”

Gardner was the drummer for Groove Box for several years before joining Strange Weather in 2015.

“It’s just going to be a repeat of last year,” Berry said. “If you were there last year you’ll know what I’m talking about. We had like 400 people in there, and it was an absolute blast.”

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