Bamboo Bass Festival: Dance the night away in paradise

Bamboo Bass Festival

The Bamboo Bass Festival is Feb. 16-18, at Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.

While this year might be shaping up to be the winter that wasn’t in Reno-Tahoe, what’s certain is that we’ve reached the slowdown in touring performers and large productions here, as the summer concert season remains mockingly out of reach.

Dubbed “Bass in Paradise,” the Bamboo Bass Festival exists to alleviate the cold weather lulls and festival shoulder season left after Tahoe’s SnowGlobe ends, staged before other festivals and outdoor amphitheaters gear up for the season.

Bamboo Bass is a huge gathering of performers from Feb. 16-18 in Jaco, Costa Rica. It spans the electronic music spectrum, with bass-heavy dance music featured prominently. But the festival also has the instrumental soundscapes of Minnesota, the jungle beats of SpectraSoul, the club-friendly electronica of Ganz, the experimental and effects-rich production of Paper Diamond, the future dubstep of Psy Fi and the Costa Rican hip-hop of Malicia Indigena. It doesn’t hurt at all that the annual festival is set to take place on Costa Rica’s West Coast, set beneath the jungle canopy and old-growth forest, and just a few minutes from the tourist center of Jaco Beach.

The timing and location are no accident. Bamboo Bass was created by people involved in the bass and electronic music community to intentionally bring together an international crowd of artists, musicians and performers in Costa Rica’s lush coastal jungle, where February’s warm night temperatures are conducive to the all-night festival environment.

With two primary stages – one for the larger international talent set to play, and the other to showcase local DJs and performers – the festival grounds (a Costa Rican adventure park) also will feature art installations, lights and visual production, and more than 50 musical acts designed to build a gathering of sensory overstimulating proportions.

Onsite camping is offered on the grounds, although the festival’s website also breaks down a lot of information regarding traveling to Costa Rica in general, along with Airbnb and local hostel and hotel options, as well as giving a complete list of artists set to perform and ticket information.

– Shuan Astor

Bamboo Bass Festival

  • Bamboo Bass Festival
    When: Feb. 16-18, Jaco Beach, Costa Rica


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