Vegas, circa 1960, with Dean-O-Holics at Hard Rock

Hard Rock Tahoe

The Dean-O-Holics are the toast of the town Saturday at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe.

Is that a dirty martini?

Chances are, it is. The Dean-O-Holics bring an “Evening with The Rat Pack’’ to the Vinyl showroom at 9 p.m. Saturday, April  15, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Lake Tahoe. Tickets are $10 for guests 21 and older.

Reno’s Bob Caudle channels Dean Martin for the tribute performances, lending a local flavor to a pack that gave meaning to gansta entertainers long before hip-hop took those reins. The Tribute Masters website lays out the show.

“The atmosphere? Pure Las Vegas, Nevada, circa 1960. The Summit… Swingin’, smoke-filled and flowin’ with booze. Broads and pallies, a gasser of a time and a sound that will knock you right out of your Mary Janes (editor’s note: No, not the Tom Petty kind.)

“The act? Strictly Rat Pack: Frank, Dean, Sammy and the gang, backed by the swinging Lil Big Band. It’s live. It’s 18-karat fun, baby. It’s the Dean-O-Holics.

“The Dean-O-Holics, for two years running winners of the National Rising Star Award for best Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin tribute band, are selling out performances everywhere, including Frank’s old place, the Sinatra Showroom at Lake Tahoe’s Cal-Neva Resort (before its current renovation.)”

The Rat Pack is legendary for its exploits at Lake Tahoe. In addition to its hold on North Shore’s Cal-Neva, Sinatra’s son, Frank Jr., 19, was kidnapped from a South Shore casino in 1963. Sinatra senior paid $240,000 for junior’s release and a trio of abductors was soon arrested and eventually convicted.

Ransom negotiations were conducted by pay phone (remember those?) and Sinatra reportedly became worried that he would run out of pocket change. That prompted him to carry 10 dimes in his pocket for the rest of his life. The Associated Press reported that Sinatra was buried in 1998 with 10 dimes in his pocket. His son died in 2016.

But Saturday’s show promises to be straight-up fun, recalling the good-old days of a bygone era. Be there, or be square.

-Randy Hashagen

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Tahoe Onstage copy chief Randy Hashagen, a former Bay Area journalist, walked away from his career to become a crazy cab driver. He's still barnstorming, but his wing-walking days are over. Lately, he has been watching the world flow through Lake Tahoe since 2012.

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