Harveys, Harrah’s announce year-round paid parking

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Parking fees already have been in effect during special events.

Free parking at Harveys and Harrah’s Lake Tahoe ended on Monday, July 30, 2018.

Rates will be more expensive during summertime and ski season and during special events, such as an outdoor concert or the weeklong celebrity golf tournament.

During special events and holidays, the cost is $25 for self-parking and $30 for valet. Motorists will pay as they exit the lot.

“With the exception of the hotel casinos at Lake Tahoe, paid parking has been the norm at resorts and hotels in tourist-oriented destinations for many years,” Xenia Wunderlich, the general manager for Harrah’s and Harveys Lake Tahoe, said in a press statement released today.

“Guests who stay, game and recreate at our two Tahoe resorts have said that parking spaces and valet services have become increasingly scarce, so we believe that implementing a paid parking program will help address these issues.”

Hotel guests can have the parking fees billed to their rooms.

  • Where to park:
    Free parking in Stateline is available at Lakeside Inn, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa. Hard Rock and MontBleu charge for parking when there is a concert at Harveys Outdoor Arena.

The press statement announced “high-season” rates: Free parking for the first hour, $10 for four or fewer hours and $13 for four to 24 hours. Valet is $15 for up to four hours and $20 for four to 24 hours.

Locals who eat at one of the Caesars Entertainment-owned restaurants will receive free validated parking. Locals are defined as residents of the Lake Tahoe Basin, Gardnerville, Minden, the Carson Valley and Carson City.

According to the release, Platinum and above Total Rewards guests will continue to self-park for free. Complimentary valet will also be available for Platinum and above Total Rewards guests. Discounts are available for Gold Total Rewards guests.

The first automated machines to go into operation will be at Harveys parking garage. The other lots will manned by workers until the equipment is put in place.

In winter 2018 , Harrah’s Lake Tahoe employed security guards to ensure Heavenly Mountain Resort skiers would not use the parking lot. The Raley’s Village Center has free parking, but it’s limited to Village shoppers and to two hours.

For now, parking remains free at the MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa.

“We have no plans doing that,” MontBleu spokesman Duane Suttor said about paid parking. “Eventually, it will happen all around town. But for now we are only charging for special events.”

It costs $20 for a voucher to park at MontBleu during a special event. The voucher can be used for $20 worth of food, drinks or merchandise inside MontBleu.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino also charges to park during special events. The rest of the time valet and self-parking are free.

“We do charge for parking during special events, however parking is free for hotel guests, employees, those with Park Prime Steakhouse reservations, and Platinum/Multi-Platinum tier casino players,” said Brandie Warr, the director of resort marketing. “During special events, visitors who pay for parking receive vouchers that are worth $60 in promotions, at minimum, so that is still a great value.”

Located a half-mile east of the Casino Corridor, The Lakeside Inn has had more cars in its lot and an “obvious” increase in business during the celebrity golf tournament and outdoor concerts. Lakeside’s president said there are no plans for paid parking.

“We are thrilled to have more people experience our casino, restaurants and staff,” Stacy Noyes said. “We pride ourselves in being the locals’ casino and the ease of parking in our lot. Paying to park is not a consideration at all.”

— Tim Parsons

ABOUT Tim Parsons

Tim Parsons
Tim Parsons is the editor of Tahoe Onstage who first moved to Lake Tahoe in 1992. Before starting Tahoe Onstage in 2013, he worked for 29 years at newspapers, including the Tahoe Daily Tribune, Eureka Times-Standard and Contra Costa Times. He was the recipient of the 2011 Keeping the Blues Alive award for Journalism.


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  1. Well, that about nails it for Stateline. Caesars has been efficiently overseeing the decline of Harvey’s and Harrah’s rundown, tired looking properties, substandard restaurants, poor customer service and now they want to charge to park for all that? With the economic upturn I had hopes for the Casino Corridor, but it seems it’s going to continue it’s slow downward spiral to its demise in the midst of the next recession, which is coming sooner rather than later.

  2. A few times of year my husband and I will take a drive up to Harrah’s to play slots and maybe take a walk through town.Now we are being told we have to give Harrah’s more money just to park in a pretty empty parking lot during the week? This does not include when we come up with out-of-town-company to maybe stay a couple days for a staycation.

    I will not pay to park as a local. There are other places we can go. Sorry to see this happening at these casinos.

  3. Heavenly is the real problem. Heavenly has seriously inadequate parking for the size of the mountain. During ski season, all the Heavenly base lodge parking lots and the Gondola Garage fill up by 10 a.m. on a weekday snow day. Weekends … you better have a spot by 8:15 a.m. or you are generally screwed. (Their solution – park in back of Hard Rock and be bused to one of the lodges.) So if you were a non-ski visitor and wanted to go to the casino area, there were NO PARKING SPOTS at Harrahs, Hard Rock and sometimes Harvey’s.
    Heavenly needs to build parking garages at the CAL Base Lodge and Stage Coach Lodge.
    This will all get worse when the giant planned Events Center is built near MontBleu.

    1. Multi level parking at the Cal Base lodge with housing on top for the seasonal employees is a great opportunity to both Heavenly and the community.

  4. Another shaft to the locals. The City parking lot just raised its annual pass fee from $600 to $1,200! So much for looking out for the locals. Most of the people who work in the Heavenly Village are service employees and certainly can’t afford $1,200 to park there. Sad to see big corporate business and the local government giving the shaft to the locals that support this community!

  5. This pay for parking policy is outrageous. First we have to pay 35 to 40 a night to use Wi-Fi..their resort fee…now they want paid parking. We gamble, we eat there and now we have to pay for the PRIVILEGE of parking. They can say goodbye to my money.

  6. Been coming to Harvey’s for a lot of years and now with paying for parking, resort fee, room cleaning fees and all the extras on top of the false advertising with smoke and mirrors I’m sad to say I’m done with this landmark. When you show rooms going for $59 then add another $100 + give or take it’s just sad…. I know I’m being a a little sarcastic in the views I’m complaining about but the service has not stepped up and cost are going up so I have to say goodbye….I’m really very sad to have to leave a place I use to really like….

  7. Renos big casinos DO NOT charge for parking and have such high resort fees (across the st on calif side resort fee is a fraction to stay at a motel.

  8. As a local I will no longer dine or wager at Harrahs/Harveys. This absurd policy is a slap in the face to this community and as a result I will now utilize the services offered by their competition. It is my sincere hope that the loss of local business hurts this chain where it counts the most, the bottom line.

  9. so sad …. I have traveled to many casinos around the world and have never been asked to pay for parking . we have a home in Tahoe as a second home never have I seen the parking lots at harveys or Harrah’s completely full . When you have the special events then charge but not on normal weekends and during the week why do the people who support your casinos have to have our privileages taken away just because of a special event charge then but not now .. you thought business was slow you haven’t seen anything yet ….. you will probally only be open for certain hours now….. BAD BUSINESS HARRAHS AND HARVEYS TO SO MANY LOYAL CUSTOMERS CHARGE YOUR ONLY EVENT PEOPLE NOT US…….

  10. Enough of your greed. We don’t need to bother with Harrahs and Harvey’s. We should all boycott them, seriously. If the locals quit coming to them because of this and encouraged others to do the same then maybe they would see just how ridiculous this is. Thx for messing with another local!we will take our business elsewhere, where they appreciate us.

  11. Well Harvey’s, my family has stayed with you countless times over the years. Today we pulled up check in only to find we were going to have to pay for parking. This policy change was not made clear at the time of check in. The manager couldn’t care less.

    You’ve gotten a lot of my money over the years, this trip we are spending and gaming zip, zilch, nada, nothing in your properties. Between the meals, incidentals and gaming donation, you’re out at least several hundreds of dollars – hope the parking few was worth it.

    My family and I look forward to staying eating gaming and shopping at the MontBleu in a few months.

  12. We used to stay and play in South Shore years and years ago when it was a more inviting town. With the added BS charge of paid parking seals South Shore’s fate in my opinion. We stay in Reno now at Grand Sierra Resort and never have to pay for parking rooms or resort fees. Our business is appreciated there. Goodbye South Shore forever.

  13. I was shocked to discover that there is a charge to park at Harrah’s Casino in South Lake Tahoe. You must pay to gamble, even if you stay in one of their hotel rooms?. This is absolutely incredible! I will stay in Sacramento, where parking is still free at the Casinos. You will have to survive without me.

  14. You can all park free still at Hard Rock, Montbleu, and even Lakeside, although thats a bit of a walk. HR and MB are literally right nextdoor , if you are local and not planning to eat at the casinos (which will waive your parking), just park next door and walk over – problem solved. Let the tourists and concertgoers pay for those lots!

  15. Never will spend another dime at Harrah’s/Harveys. I might walk through to smoke a cigarette and put it out on the floor though.

  16. As a guy who drove the Greyhound “sucker buses” to Stateline countless times over many years, as well as being a former resident of South Lake Tahoe, I am appalled at this last possible grasp at greed. I still have friends in the area a up to and can still park at their homes when I come up to visit, but I will NEVER step into Harvey’s or Harrah’s again. Bill Harrah and Harvey Gross must be rolling over in their graves. I guess the ‘Indian’ casinos in California are the winners here, at least I hope so.

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