Mountain Vibe Festival is great in Year 8

Tahoe Onstage

Mountain Vibers keep cool during the festival’s eighth year.
Tahoe Onstage photos by Pheonix Gruneich

In Mid-July, Calaveras County calls to us Mountain Vibers, as we look forward to this event throughout the year. Newcomers make it ever year and it becomes part of their summer tradition, too. Nestled away in Wilseyville, California, the home of this festival is the Blue Mountain Event Center.

Founder Allen Drachman along with staff, volunteers and friends make this event a family affair and try to please everyone who celebrates during the midsummer weekend. People are quick to lend a helping hand and are always looking out for one another. Every year, folks are trying to step up their camping game, bigger toys for play and cool campgrounds. It’s hot, so everyone at some point makes their way to the river that runs along the property and just a short walk from behind the barn. This year we had a watering hole and deck with a bar in the water.

Tahoe Onstage

Lavish Green guitarist serenades Mountain Vibe with the Star-Spangled Banner.

The absolute best part is unplugging from the world and forgetting the woes whatever they may be, even if just for the weekend. Nature always has a powerful way of resetting you and even sometimes healing. Most visitors come from the California side but some of us Nevadans enjoy our trek there, too.

Mountain Vibe hosts Northern California and Nevada bands and holds onto its favorites but keeps adding to the roster every year. It’s always a pleasure to see what the bands bring to the table.

The music range is wide so there is usually something for everyone. This year bands were Swoon, Overland, Planting Seeds, Big Sticky Mess, Mojo Green, Black Visions, Radiokeys, Mourning Mountains, They Went Ghost, Coast Tribe, Rossmorr, Mathematical Disasters, J-ras, The Human Will, Youngest of Elders, Knuff, Midnight Brothers, The Good Samaritans & Mama Foxy and the Whiskey Rebels. Special guests included a surprise performance by Forrest Day (acoustic style) and Joel Gruneich did an awesome rendition of the star spangled banner on guitar. Jam sessions Thursday evening and after hours every night are always enjoyable and usually multiple ones going.

There is always something happening somewhere, it’s hard to see it all but it’s a pleasure to watch all the hard work unfold over the weekend. This year there was a glowstick walkway. Smiles are plenty and sharing is caring.

Vendors are always fun to choose from and good eats when you don’t feel like cooking. Family friendly and this year boosts a fantastic “kids corner” that had no smoking or drinking there for the young ones. Conscious efforts were made to eliminate any cigarette butts. I saw people carrying empties just to have for butts, but this year Mountain Vibes handed out little green bags to put your butts in. How clever. Love people who care about leaving the place in better condition than when arriving.

Off-road toys are enjoyed and welcome, trails all around us too, which keeps down the dust in the music/camping area. RV spots too but they are limited. I mean C’mon who doesn’t love a camping getaway!

The Vibe: Friends, Family, Food, Fun (water and off-road) and don’t forget all the great music you get a front row view for. Hope you join us next year and to all the vibe tribe see you all next time 🙂

Tahoe Onstage

Mountain Vibe mainstays Planting Seeds has a colorful, nighttime set.

Tahoe OnstageTahoe Onstage

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  1. This year was amazing!

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