Not a dream: Justine Glaser’s Blue Midnight shines onstage

Blue Midnight

Justine Glaser is the songwriter and singer for dream rock band Blue Midnight.

Justine Glaser is the vocalist and composer with Blue Midnight, a “dream rock” band with the Evanescence essence and reminiscent of Within Temptation sound. Tahoe Onstage’s Amanda Jacobs interviewed Glaser backstage at the Aftershock Festival at Discovery Park in Sacramento.

I read that you’ve been influenced by artists like Tool, Korn, Within Temptation — some of these bands at this festival. Today, you’re sharing the stage with Tool. How does that feel?

It’s funny – a year ago I was at Rock on the Range, now called Sonic Temple, and Tool headlined, I believe with Godsmack, and I remember watching Tool from a fence at a CVS parking lot because we didn’t have tickets. It’s very weird that a year later I’m sharing the same stage as Tool. It’s very humbling.

Tell me how you went from being a piano player when you were younger to having your own band, writing your own music and playing at a festival like Aftershock.

I play piano but I write for a bunch of instruments so I consider myself more of a composer than just a pianist and a singer. I’m the sole songwriter for the band, so everything I did was how I wanted things to sound. I never got that opportunity to get the sound full until I finally got that opportunity with the band – so when I did, I went for it.

I’ve been a fan of Evanescence and Within Temptation – I get that Evanescence vocal style with some Within Temptation instrumentals from your music. Have you been able to meet with those bands and talk with them?

I’ve never met Within Temptation; I met Evanescence year ago so I don’t think anyone from that band would have remembered. Amy Lee is super sweet.

If you could collaborate with any band would it be one of those bands or someone else?

I’m open to any collaboration. If it’s Evanescence, that’s super cool but honestly if it’s any band that has an idea, I’m open – I’m open to contribute vocals. I just love making music – that’s what I live for so I just love to work with other people – bounce ideas — I’m really creative and open minded so I love collaboration.

I can tell, I love all the blue – It’s not just the music but you have your own style and iconic look to go with the whole picture. Can you tell me about the album that you have out right now?

Yeah, so “Eternal Wish” is our debut album. We released it and recorded it independently. We recorded it in a studio backhouse with only one microphone so I think that fact gives people a new perspective on the music because we did all of that with only one microphone and it took us a year and a half to make because we had to track all these layers. It was labor intensive but worth it. I love the album and I hope everyone loves it too. We’re making a new one so that’s exciting. I love doing it. It was a great process.

Awesome – when is the new album going to be out?

Soon – we are in the writing phase right now, so we are composing all the parts and going from there, but that’s what we’ll be doing after this show.

— Amanda Jacobs

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