Gallery: Beats Antique delights Cargo concertgoers

Tahoe Onstage

What do you get when you meld world fusion and electronic music and add more than a dash of Middle Eastern dance? The answer, of course, is Beats Antique.

Musically, Beats Antique is a two-piece group of DJ/multi-instrumentalist David Satori and “Sidecar” Tommy Cappel on drums. With the help of dub-step based backing tracks, Satori and Cappel create swirling Middle Eastern pieces that seemingly sweat and writhe with adoring audiences. The music, however, is just the beginning. The duo is rounded out by entrancing lead belly dancer Zoe Jakes, who dances within the music, seemingly controlling the tempo with each movement.

Saturday night, Beats Antique delighted a packed crowd at Cargo Concert Hall at downtown Reno’s Whitney Peak Hotel. Intrepid photographer Larry Sabo was there to capture the event for Tahoe Onstage. Click the LINK to see all of his photos from the show.

Tahoe Onstage

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Larry Sabo is a real-estate broker with a passion for rock 'n; roll photography. He makes his living during the day selling real estate but you'll see him at night enjoying shows. Stop and talk to him anytime you see him out, he will always appreciate it.


  1. Nice shooting Larry. I always enjoy your photography.

  2. Thank you Nick, comments and critique are always welcome…

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