Night Ranger shows Tahoe you can still rock in America

Brad Gillis of Night Ranger rocks MontBleu Resort Casino.
Skylar Owens / Tahoe Onstage photos

Night Ranger came to MontBleu Resort Casino on Saturday and proved you can still rock in America. Playing their most known songs such as “Sister Christian” and “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me,” Night Ranger also teased a summer tour that was later announced with Sammy Hagar and Whitesnake. The band brought back memories for fans.

Lead guitarist Brad Gillis played with Ozzy Osborne before Night Ranger was formed and performed a snippet of “Crazy Train.” Keri Kelli, who has been with Night Ranger since 2014, previously performed with Alice Cooper and presented a sample of “School’s Out.”

Jack Blades formed Damn Yankees with Tommy Shaw (Styx) and Ted Nugent in 1989, and he gave the audience a great treat when he dished out a combination of “Come Again” and “High Enough.” The night concluded with everyone’s favorite “(You Can Still) Rock In America” off of their second album, “Midnight Madness.”

— Skylar Owens

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