For King and Country shines at downtown Reno concert

The Burn The Ships world tour by For King and Country is about arriving to new lands and burning the ships that brought them there.
Amanda Jacobs / Tahoe Onstage photos

The ships burned in Reno, as For King and Country helped concert attendees leave their past behind.

The Burn The Ships world tour is about arriving to new lands and burning the ships that brought them there so as to never look back to the old. The stage was designed with two giant triangular screens that comprised the shape of a ship’s mast. Australian brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone brought the tour to the Reno Events Center this past week and performed a knockout show.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the brothers are a Christian pop rock duo that has evolved concerts to the expansive production of today. Performances engage a diverse crowd of families and friends in grand singalongs, leaving audience members in awe of the lights and sounds. One thing is clear in For King and Country’s show: They give their lives to God and to us with the effort put into production, music and helping others all around the world.

Wow — what a giant production! These artists put so much into their shows — you can tell it is a world tour. The brothers pulled out all the stops, showmanship and tricks of the trade. From jumping off stage equipment during a dramatic song ending to the incredible light displays timed perfectly, For King and Country clearly has a great team.

Coming onstage and connecting with the crowd, Joel took one side of the arena and Luke navigated the other. They touched hands and hearts throughout the venue, moving from the main stage to center stage, changing perspective and bringing attention to the rest of the band.

So many incredible songs on this tour beginning with “Amen,” a great intro to this Christian band’s show and ending with their two biggest songs “God Only Knows” and “Joy” from their newest album. The iconic country artist Dolly Parton joins them in a video at the end of “God Only Knows,” a song she adapted for the CMT awards.

Luke gives the brothers’ testimony after singing “Proof Of Your Love,” leading to the opportunity for the crowd to sponsor a child with Compassion International, while Joel never fails to mention that chivalry is not dead and women should be treasured, always.

They speak many times about the meaning of their songs. Before performing “Control,” Joel explains that being somewhat of a controlling individual himself he realized that it is when you surrender control that you are truly free. I was thanked for working there that night with Compassion International, which showed the spirit of the crowd — Thankful.

— Amanda Jacobs


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Amanda Jacobs / Tahoe Onstage photos

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  1. Thank you for doing such a thorough write up of one of the most wholesome and truly good concerts I have ever been to!

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