Ghost Light appears at Crystal Bay as Werewolf Club joins

Enlightened fans cheer Ghost Light on Nov. 21, in the Crystal Bay Casino.
Larry Sabo / Tahoe Onstage photos

Ghost Light’s first appearance at Crystal Bay Bay Casino Lake Tahoe was a memorable one. We have photographs to prove it.

In keeping with a post Halloween theme last Thursday, Werewolf Club of Reno opened the evening with “Closer” and “This Space.”

The clubbers are a four piece band, consisting of two brothers (Jonathan and Matthew Hatjakes) Steven Corder and Steve Storm. They deliver a modern rock sound with a lot of synthesizers and closed their set with “Dis Com” and “ Creatures.”

Then Ghost Light rocked Crystal Bay’s Crown Room with its improvisational indie music. The band opened with  “Synth Driver”  “Weight of the World” and “Nickels and Dimes.” This five- piece group got everyone’s attention and kept us all dancing for the next hour and a half.

Songwriters Tom Hamilton and Raina Mullen previously played with American Babies, a group that crossed Holly Bowling’s path so much that she often joined onstage jams. Bass player Dan Africano hails from  Elephant Wrecking Ball and the drummer Scotty Zwang played for Doapod and RAQ. Together they are a force to be enjoyed and followed, all quite talented musicians.

One of their loyal followers Al Christian, has seen four shows on this tour:  “They are a newer band and it’s exciting to see how far they have come in a year or so.”

When Bowling played a solo on her keyboards, the audience was amazed at her talents.

Ghost Light is a band to anticipate, providing an exciting improvisational experience each time it appears.

— Marcia Schultz

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Holly Bowling on keyboards for Ghost Light.
Former American Babys Raina Mullen and Tom Hamilton.
Dan Africano is the newest band member.
Scotty Zwang on the drums.

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