Joan Osborne in Tahoe onstage

Photographer’s notebook: Joan Osborne and Keith Cotton wowed the crowd June 3 in the Crystal Bay Crown Room.

An intimate crowd enjoying Joan’s soulful voice along with her humor and storytelling. The one-set show was pleasing all the way around. Included were the songs “Brokedown Palace” (Grateful Dead) , “One of Us,” “Game of Love,” “Work on Me,” and “Champagne and Wine.”

The 51-year-old Kentucky native is a singer-songwriter extraordinaire. She has recorded soul, R&B, blues, country and sometimes a hint of rock and roll. She is probably best known for “One of Us.” Each of her songs delve into the different aspects of love. Like stories, her songs unfold with sweet melodies and haunting blues notes that leave you wanting more. She is soulful and playful and little bit country.

She has sung with many a band, including Phil Lesh and Friends, Trigger Hippy, and the Dead. She has toured with Motown sidemen The Funk Brothers and was featured in the documentary film about them, “Standing in the Shadows of Motown.” She has recorded eight albums, the most recent “Love and Hate.”

If you ever have the chance to see Joan Osborne, I highly recommend doing so. She is real, and true and puts on a show that sits with you and stays in your heart. Her lyrics are well written and emotion filled, and Joan’s smile speaks as thousand words and then some. Thumbs up and high for Joan.

Clare Foster is a author who has written three children’s books with two more in the works. She lives at North Shore. “Taking photos and writing are my passions in this thing we call life,” she says.

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Clare Foster finds some sort of balance in the place she has called home for 27 years, the North and West shores of Lake Tahoe. If she isn't out listening to and photographing live music, she is either down by the lake or wandering in the woods taking photos or, working on a new book. Check out Clare's website.

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