No Rx needed: Nahko and Medicine for the People deliver

Tahoe Onstage

Headliners Rebelution deliver good vibes to the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys on June 30.
Tahoe Onstage photos by Pheonix Gruneich

Photographer’s notebook: For a dainty little sweet girl, HIRIE has a powerhouse voice. The opener at the Friday, June 30, reggae show at the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys gave out nothing but pure love. She was accompanied by a great band and horn section. Collie Buddz was next and he kept the vibes flowing with a lot of energy, which sparked up the crowd. Collie brought out the horn players from HIRIE, making it feel like a family vibe. A setting sun illuminated the stage. Dj Mackle between sets was a nice touch. For me, Nahko and the Medicine People stole the show. Not that Rebelution didn’t deliver — it did just that. It was my first time seeing Nahko and they won me over as a new fan. Nahko finished a song in spoken word, he played keys and guitar. He also brought out HIRIE for an awesome duet. Amid a beautiful sunset, Rebelution, the headliners, played to a packed house. The people who came out made the best gumbo salad ever: All kinds of music lovers  enjoyed the show. Folks danced and sang along to all the words of Rebelution’s many hit songs. The no-nonsense stage and lighting for the guys was epic. They put on a outstanding show for the Tahoe crowd. Good vibes were had 🙂

— Pheonix Gruneich

Tahoe Onstage

HIRIE and Nahko join forces in Tahoe onstage during an evening of reggae.

Tahoe Onstage

Tim Snider works his bow to the breaking point for Nahko and Medicine for the People. Now a resident of Santa Monica, Snider formerly lived in Reno.

Tahoe Onstag

Nahko adds new fans at Lake Tahoe, including the photographer.

Tahoe Onstage

Hawaii’s HIRIE played her set and then guested with the other bands, too.

Tahoe Onstage

Even the sun was high when Collie Buddz hit the stage.
Tahoe Onstage photo by Pheonix Gruneich


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Photojournalist Pheonix Gruneich is a native of Southern California where her love of music began. She moved to Tahoe when she was 16. She now resides in the Carson Valley. She is a lover of arts and, most of all, live music!

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